Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 8: Accra (Friday, April 10)

Today we went to the Shai Hills Resource Reserve to see our first real African wildlife (aside from the random monkey we saw at the Accra Art Center). We were able to feed a family of baboons, who were surprisingly gentle in taking nuts and bananas out of our hands.

From there, we traveled into caves, located in the nearby hills, where the Shai tribe once lived. Nowadays, there are only insect-eating bats living in there.

At one point, we stopped along the road and attempted something that had been under discussion for a long, long time - carrying a tray of bananas on our heads. To put it mildly, our brave volunteers did their best, but failed miserably. (Those things are REALLY heavy.)

Now, at last, we've arrived at the penultimate day - Day 9. That will be covered right away, and will finally bring us up to date on what's gone on so far. Uploading pictures has been sporadic because we didn't have power in Agogo, and now everyone's cameras seem to be suffering from "Extreme Touristy-ish Overuse Syndrome". So pictures will come much, much later.

Till next time.

Sean Heron
Secretary, Honey Project, and xChange Agent

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