Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 5: Agogo (Tuesday, April 7)

Today, we made our way down to the joint office that we share with One Village Planet in Agogo, just to see what we were working with and to meet the members of the Agogo Honey-Producers Cooperative. 

Following lunch, we visited two villages outside of Agogo, where we were welcomed warmly by the chiefs of the villages. We gave them bottles of fine liquor as customary gifts, and recieved a few of our own - in fact, the second village presented us with green and yellow bananas, mangoes, and a LIVE chicken, tied up to keep it out of trouble. We accepted it all quite gratefully, then rushed back to Agogo and Nana Sarpong's palace to attend the enstoolment of Jo Moskowitz.

The enstoolment ceremony was something amazing to behold, and quite serious. Before our eyes, we saw Miss Jo become Nana Ama Nyarko Domtie II. Even now, we still call her Nana Ama, almost without thinking about it. All told, it was really amazing.

More work awaited us early, early tomorrow morning. But until we cover that, good day to you all. See you next time.

Sean Heron
Secretary, Honey Project, and xChange Agent

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